The post-and-plank houses at Borek are part of a theme trail in the Czech Republic and Poland called Retracing Wood, Iron and People. With eight stations in the Czech part of Těšín Silesia and eight stations in its Polish part, the trail will guide you through the shared history of wood, iron and people, showcasing the wood architecture, the life patterns of mountain people in Wisła (pastoralism and herbalism), forestry in the Beskid mountains, metallurgy in Třinec and elsewhere in Těšín Silesia, as well as housing and changes in the living conditions of a staff member of Třinec iron works.

Dřevěnky na Borku

Borek post-and-plank houses

The Hunting Palace of the Habsburgs in Wisła

Habsburg economic settlement at the source of the Wisla




Retracing Wood, Iron and People


Hunting lodge of the Habsburgs


Museum of Ustrońskie


Regional museum „Na Grapie“ in Jaworzynka


Jan Wallachs Museum in Andziołówka


Wooden Church at the Castle-Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland at Zadní Groň


New tourist stamp place

Dřevěnky na Borku will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the entry of the Czech Republic and Poland into the European Union with an open day

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