Jan Wallachs Museum in Andziołówka

The Jan Wałach Museum of Art at Andziołówka in Istebná is the wooden studio of an artist whose European successes have earned him a place among the best carvers. Inside you can see paintings, sculptures and woodcuts, as well as musical instruments and working tools of Jan Walach (1884-1979).

You will take a complete tour of the studio with detailed information about the artist’s life, his work, where and when he created. The extensive exhibition showcases a wealth of work in the form of many oil paintings, pastels, gouaches, woodcuts, stained glass designs, sculptures and other memorabilia. It is located at the entrance to Istebná from the Vistula River, in the village of Andziołówka, about 300 metres from the main road.

Source: http://janwalach.com/


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