Hunting lodge of the Habsburgs

The Habsburg Hunting Lodge is a historic wooden building from 1897 located in the Vistula River, in the district of Těšín in the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland. The castle was built by Archduke Bedřich in 1897. In 1985 it was moved from the Przysłop glade below Beraní Hora to the Vistula River.

In 1897, a huge storm swept through Baraní Hora, uprooting and breaking a large number of trees. This large amount of wood prompted the construction of the hunting lodge, which was completed in 1898. The designer was probably Albín Teodor Prokop, who at that time held the position of architect and building councillor at the Těšín chamber building office. The building may be related to the mushrooms, as there are wooden balconies all over the first floor, which are protected from the rain by a far-reaching thatched roof and extensions on the opposite sides.



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